the newsletter of tbd consultants - Autumn/Winter 2022

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The Fedís Difficult Task
The Supply Chain
Interest Rates on the Up and Up

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The Fedís Difficult Task

Can the Federal Reserve bring down inflation and not create a recession at the same time? Here we look at some of the issues faces them, and what the implications are for the construction industry.


The Supply Chain

Scheduling a construction project became even more complicated than usual as material delivery times became uncertain and changing. In this article we address the problems affecting the supply chain that led to this issue.


Interest Rates on the Up and Up

The Fed kept interest rates low to spur commercial activity during a series of issues affecting to the markets, but now they are having to rapidly increase rates to fight inflation and here we are taking a look at what the implications are for the construction and other markets.



Design consultant: Katie Levine of Vallance, Inc.