the newsletter of tbd consultants - 2nd qtr 2012

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Windows 8 is Coming!
PPP - Public-Private Partnerships
When Blah is Best

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Geoff’s IT Gems
Windows 8 is Coming!

Another version of Windows is coming soon, and this one is not only designed for PCs but also for tablets with their touch-screen capabilities. Here we take a sneak peak at Windows 8.


PPP – Public-Private Partnership

Private companies and public authorities have all been struggling a bit recently, so can they improve the situation by teaming up? In this article we look at Public-Private Partnerships, what they are and ways they can be structured.


When Blah is Best
Geoff Canham, Editor

The markets seem to be muddling along, with nothing substantial happening. In this market report we look at why that could be a good thing, and examine some of the potential events that would make big news, but which we might prefer to avoid.



Design consultant: Katie Levine of Vallance, Inc.