the newsletter of tbd consultants - 2nd qtr 2011

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CAL goes Green
Inflation & Bid Prices
UniFormat 2010

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CAL goes Green

Building 'green' has become accepted by most as being the right thing to do, and now it is becoming the legally required thing to do. In this article we take a quick look at the first state-wide mandatory green-building code.


Inflation & Bid Prices
Geoff Canham, Editor

The recovery continues at its snail pace, continuing to trend upwards despite fairly regular hiccups from home, and more frequently from abroad. Certainly our hearts go out to the Japanese. But in this article we look at another issue looming ahead of us that is likely to keep the recovery slowed down - inflation.


UniFormat 2010

CSI updated its trade-format system (known as MasterFormat) in 2004, and now they have issued a new version of their building element-format system, Uniformat. Here we take a first look at CSI's new Uniformat 2010.



Design consultant: Katie Levine of Vallance, Inc.