the newsletter of tbd consultants - edition 2, 2nd qtr 2006 - Healthcare Special

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Healthcare Facilities
SB1953-Painful Medicine
Hospital Costs

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Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare has been going through some dramatic transitions in the past couple of decades or more. What are these changes and how are they affecting the design and functioning of healthcare facilties? Click the link below to read the article.



Electronic storage and messaging is taking the world by storm, but how is it affecting the medical community. We look at how hospitals are introducing this technology, and how it is affecting the medical staff and the construction costs.

SB 1953-Painful Medicine

SB 1953 was put in place to ensure that hospital facilities would still be functional after a major earthquake, but a side effect has been to send a seismic tremor though the healthcare construction market. We look at what SB 1953 is, and how it is affecting the construction budgets for healthcare projects.

Hospital Costs

Hospital construction costs have been increasing at about twice the rate of general construction work. What are the issues driving hospital construction costs? We address these issues in this article.

Design consultant: Katie Levine of Vallance, Inc.